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Lake Congamond

Boats docked on the shores of Babb''s Beach.

General Info

Lake Congamond is situated within the boundaries of both the towns of Suffield, CT and Southwick, MA.  Maintenance, policing and public safety associated with the use of Lake Congamond are the responsibility of the Town of Southwick. 

Town of Southwick Code:  Lake Safety

Babb's Beach is located on the shores of Lake Congamond and is a Town of Suffield property, operated by Suffield Parks & Recreation.

Lake Weed Info


Local Permitting Program

Town of Suffield Press Release
April 1, 2019

Suffield, CT Reaches Agreement with Southwick, MA for Lake Congamond Dock Fees

Suffield, Conn.: The Town of Suffield announces today a payment in lieu of dock fees agreement with Southwick, MA. The payment covers costs for maintenance, policing and public safety associated with the use of Congamond Lake by Suffield residents. Congamond Lake is situated within the boundaries of both towns. The five-year memorandum of understanding includes a $2,000 annual fee (to increase by $200/year) which encompasses yearly licensing charges for Suffield residential property owners whose dock(s), swim float(s), mooring(s) or buoy(s) are located in Congamond Lake. While the agreed upon payment relieves Suffield owners from their dock fees, town leadership emphasizes it does not relieve them from their obligation to register. The Suffield Board of Selectmen approved the initiative at its February 20, 2019 meeting.
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Contact Info:
Town of Southwick, MA
Local Permitting Program for Docks & Boats
(413) 569 6907