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SGC float at 350th Parade with members dressed in yellow rain coats and hats and umbrellas decorated like flowers.

Suffield Garden Club, 350th Parade October 9, 2021

A mass of children on bikes at the start of the PMC Kids Ride race

PMC Kids Ride, 2019 (photo credit:  RJ Photography)

Dignitaries presenting State of CT commemoration of Suffield Woman's Club 125th Anniversary.

Suffield Woman's Club, celebrating 125 years of service

Group photo of SLL team and parents with District 8 Champions banner

Suffield Little League, 2019 CT District 8 Champs (photo credit:  RJ Photography)

Clown makes balloon creation while child watches amidst Suffield on the Green

Friends of Suffield annual event, Suffield on the Green

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