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Coronavirus Update 11-18-2020

Coronavirus Update 11-18-2020

Dear Suffield Community & Town Employees,

Recent news from across the country and the State confirms what experts have predicted for some time – colder weather would herald a new surge in COVID-19 cases. Our town is not immune. 

  • In just the first few weeks of November, Suffield experienced 93 new cases – over 30% of its overall total since the pandemic began. 
  • During this past weekend alone, 31 cases were identified. 
  • Unlike the spring surge, the majority of these current cases exist within the community at large and not in more isolated, congregate settings such as nursing homes. In fact, those congregate settings report very few, if any, active cases in large part due to strict adherence to recommended guidelines.
  • Due to the high activity regionally, the North Central Health District is unable to keep up with daily case notifications and has directed us to rely upon State COVID-19 Tracking as the best available reporting tool.  

These facts foreshadow not only the likelihood and immediacy of new restrictions, but also the hardships to be faced in the weeks to come. Suffield Public Schools Superintendent Tim Van Tasel notified families yesterday that students would return back to fully remote learning beginning this Monday, November 23, 2020. The Department of Corrections reports 21 symptomatic inmates currently being housed within the medical isolation unit located at McDougall-Walker Correctional Institution (these cases are not reflected in the overall cases for the Town of Suffield) placing additional strain on our emergency responders who serve the facility. Hardships such as these have ripple effects and potentially impact the lives of every member of our community.  

Suffield is at a crossroads. We must double-down on our efforts and work in partnership with our neighbors to flatten the curve of this new, arguably more dire wave, of the pandemic. We ask for your assistance.  Please be increasingly vigilant in your day-to-day activities:  

  • Wear masks whenever in public.
  • Wear masks when within spaces (both outdoors and inside) where social distancing cannot be safely practiced.
  • If you are feeling ill, stay home and follow the guidance of your healthcare provider.
  • For COVID-19 testing, use the 211 database to find the closest appropriate location. 

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