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Absentee/Mail-In/Drop-Off Ballot & Other Information for Nov. 3rd Presidential Election

Absentee/Mail-In/Drop-Off Ballot & Other Information for Nov. 3rd Presidential Election

Due to COVID-19 and the desire to keep voters safe, the State of Connecticut updated the absentee/mail-in/drop-off ballot application for the 2020 Presidential Election. The application includes the option to mark the virus as a valid reason for voting via absentee ballot. A voter concerned with attending in-person voting due to the pandemic may select the COVID-19 option to excuse them from in-person voting. Traditional options to vote by absentee ballot will also remain available.  As noted below, in-person voting will still be an option as well.

Process for Absentee/Mail-In/Drop-Off Ballots

  • CT Secretary of State will mail absentee/mail-in/drop-off application to:
    • ALL eligible voters
    • Eligible voters determined to be active registered voters as of August 26th
    • Applications will be mailed between Tuesday, September 8th and Friday, September 11th
    • Applications mailed by Secretary of State include bar code enabling more efficient processing
    • Voters registering AFTER August 26th will receive application from Suffield Registrars of Voters along with voter registration acceptance letter
  • If application not received via mail by end of September
    • Pick up application at 61 Ffyler Place
    • Download at
      Please download application as last resort only
  • Ballot will be mailed to voter once application received by Town Clerk
    • Ballots NOT available until October 2, 2020
  • Return ballot as soon as possible
    • Use of Official Ballot Drop Box recommended due to potential delays at Postal Service
      Official Ballot Drop Box located in front of temporary Town Hall offices at 61 Ffyler Place
    • Or mail via provided postage paid envelope
  • Track Your Absentee Ballot via Voter Registration Lookup
    Online system upgrades include:
    1. If application received by Town Clerk
    2. If ballot issued by Town Clerk
    3. If completed ballot received by Town Clerk
      Contact Town Clerk if ballot not received
  • Questions?

Voter Registration

In-Person Voting

  • November 3rd
  • 6 am - 8 pm
  • Suffield Middle School
    350 Mountain Road

Secretary Merrill Outlines Process and Timelines for November General Election

The Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State will be sending out applications for absentee ballots to all eligible (active, registered) voters on a rolling basis between Tuesday September 8th and Friday September 11th. Voters can check their registration status at All voters are eligible to vote by absentee ballot for the 2020 election by checking the COVID-19 excuse on the application. Although absentee ballot applications will be mailed to every eligible voter, they are also available in English and Spanish at

Given the well-publicized problems with the United States Postal Service, Secretary Merrill is encouraging voters to use the secure ballot drop boxes to return their absentee ballot applications and the ballot themselves, in order to be sure that all critical mailings are received in a timely fashion. The USPS has made clear that they are not a reliable method for delivering election mail; the ballot drop boxes are and should be used to deliver the absentee ballot applications and the absentee ballots themselves back to the towns.

Although applications will be mailed to voters after Labor Day, voters should be aware that the absentee ballots themselves cannot be distributed prior to October 2nd, by Connecticut law. The small amount of time between October 2nd and November 3rd makes it imperative that voters return their applications and their ballots as soon as possible. Returning the applications and the ballots early will make it easier for the town clerks to do the work that is necessary to process all of the applications and the ballots. Connecticut law only allows the counting of ballots that have arrived by the close of polls, 8:00pm on Election Day November 3rd, so returning ballots early and not relying on the post office are the best way for voters to ensure that their votes are counted and their voices heard

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Photo of Offical Ballot Box Drop Box