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Nominate a Resident for the Spotlight

Please select a member of the community who you believe goes above and beyond for our Town. Click here to nominate a resident!

Congratulations Don and Amy!  Here's a sample of what your neighbors wrote in their nominations:

"The real question is what is Amy not involved in? Amy is active in the Suffield emergency aid organization, rallying the local citizenry to come out to donate food and staples to those in need. She spearheads the “fill kids backpacks” for school every year. She shows up at every town activity and shares the best of Suffield on a daily basis."

"Amy also advocates for those in need and does this without sharing personal information. She will gather food, gifts, clothing, etc. for anyone in town who has fallen on hard times. She will organize food trains for folks who are ill and coordinates services and rides for them as needed."

"Amy is hearing impaired and her service dog Delaney is one of the most recognized animals in Suffield. Amy often will often open a dialogue about what service animals do and how they enhance the lives of their owners. I feel strongly that the conversations that she and “D” have had with children in town are among the most valuable of gifts that Amy has given Suffield. D is somewhat of a mascot of Suffield, however his contributions are really an extension of Amy’s contributions in Suffield. She is literally everywhere, sharing the breakfast menu of local restaurants, posting pictures of every aspect of Suffield life, and stopping by SPD or the Ambulance garage to bring attention to the services offered by our first responders."

"I have known Amy for many years, having coordinated with her to bring awareness to the needs of Sunrise Park, moving on to ensuring that the sand pit in West Suffield was worked in an environmentally responsible manner, and then working closely with her to help our local police department make their voice heard in town. Throughout the years she has been selfless in her dedication to all aspects of Suffield life, and is, in my opinion, Suffield’s biggest fan. I in turn, would proudly lead Amy Reay’s fan club. She, on the other hand, would not hear of that. She is truly an individual who puts others before herself."

"Don Miner is always available to help. He has been a key member of the Suffield Ambulance Association, The Police Commission, The Rotary Club and more. I know that if help is needed and Don is asked, he responds without hesitation."

"[Don is] active in multiple community organizations, especially the SVAA."