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Landfill, Trash & Recycling


Curbside Trash & Recycling

USA Hauling

Contact USA Hauling directly for ALL Trash & Recycling questions including:

  • broken cart replacement
  • missed pickups
  • moving
  • additional carts (Recycle carts only)


Kevin Pepka
Landfill Attendant

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Closed Holidays

2715 Mountain Road
West Suffield, CT 06093

(860) 668 3837

Bulk Pickup
(860) 668 3890

Recycling is good for many reasons but it also saves the Town money. We are charged a tipping fee based on the tonnage of trash in our black carts. The more acceptable items we can put into our blue carts, the lower the Town's trash tonnage fee will be.

Linda zaffetti, Department of Public Works

Curbside Trash & Recycling

Pickup Schedule

Who to Call

USA Hauling

Contact USA Hauling directly for ALL Trash & Recycling questions including:

  • broken cart replacement
  • missed pickups
  • moving
  • additional carts (Recycle carts only)


Trash/Recycling is included as part of resident taxes - there is no additional fee for curbside pickup.

Black Trash Carts

  • Trash only
  • Weekly

Blue Recycle Carts

Curbside Location

  • 3 feet from road and 3 feet apart 
  • Place carts curbside night before collection day
  • Or BEFORE 6 AM on collection day
  • Extra trash left on ground outside of carts will not be picked up

Can I Recycle It?

Bulky Waste


  • Items too large to fit in trash cart
  • All bulky waste brought to Landfill subject to inspection
  • Fees may apply
  • Residents using larger vehicles (over 3/4 ton) and dual axles trailers must go over scale
    • $80/ton (no minimum) for all material
  • Resident vehicles up to and including 3/4 ton capacity are NOT required to go over scale


  • Must be from Suffield properties only
  • All business and commercial vehicles must go over scale
    • $80/ton
  • Proof of material origin/building permit required
  • Business or commercially generated trash will NOT be accepted


  • Call Department of Public Works (860 668 3890) to schedule bulky waste pickup
  • $40 pickup fee plus any additional item charges
    • See Fees
    • Must be prepaid before date is scheduled
    • Make checks payable to "Town of Suffield"
    • Mail or deliver checks to DPW at 230C Mountain Road
  • 5 item limit on all pickups
  • Place items curbside
    • Town employees not permitted to enter garages or residences to remove items


  • Stoves, Washers, Dryers:  Free of Charge
  • Freon Units:  $15 per item
    • refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers 
  • Mattresses/Boxsprings:  No charge if dry and clean; $20 otherwise
  • Stuffed Furniture:
    • $20 each piece - couches, loveseats, hot tub covers
    • $10 each piece - stuffed chairs
  • Oversized Plastic/Fiberlgass:  $80 per ton
    • hot tubs, boats, etc.
    • cut up with metal removed
  • Propane Tanks:  $2 per tank
    • 20 pound (gas grill size)
  • Tires:  
    • $3 per tire - car (up to 15")
    • $5 per tire - car/light truck/slicks (15"-20")
    • $15 per tire - heavy truck (17"-20")
    • $50 to $100 per tire - construction equipment (over 20")


Connecticut Mattress Program

The Landfill provides free disposal of clean, dry mattresses and box springs.

Fact Sheet
Collection Guidelines

Bye  Bye Mattress Flyer


Electronics Recycling
Flyer detailing free residential electronics recycling at landfill.


Town Leaf Disposal
  • Free
  • No permit required
  • Only public location in town for leaf disposal
  • Extended Sunday hours for leaf disposal only in October & November (dates to be posted in fall)
  • Leaves composted by local nursery
Toddler boy player in fall leaves.

Other Free Recycling at Landfill

Free Recycling at Landfill

No permit required

  • Batteries (non-commercial)
  • Bottles
  • Branches
  • Brush
  • Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Carpeting
  • E-Waste
  • Fixtures
  • Glass
  • Leaves
  • Lightbulbs (all sizes)
  • Mattresses/boxsprings (clean and dry are free)
  • Newspapers
  • Plastics 1-7
  • Scrap Metal (including Washers, Dryers, Ovens/Stoves)
  • Scrap Wood

Christmas Trees

  • USA Hauling picks up Christmas trees curbside in January
    • Mulched at facilities
  • Trees  may be brought directly to Landfill
    • Used for mulch

Used Motor Oil, Gasoline, Antifreeze

Used motor oil, gasoline and antifreeze are NOT accepted at Landfill. 

Several free options for used motor oil include:

  • USA Hauling
    • Pick up 1 gallon of oil every other week on recycling schedule
    • Oil should be placed curbside in sealed plastic container
  • Auto Zone
    • Enfield - takes up to 5 gallons/day in oil containers
    • Windsor Locks - takes up to 2 gallons per day 
  • Hazardous Waste Collection Day
    • Held every other year in Suffield
    • DPW investigating other regional opportunities


Household Trash Permit

  • $20 per year
  • Valid July 1 to July 1 (non-prorated)
  • Allows residents to bring bagged household trash to Landfill
  • Available at Landfill

Prescription Medicines

Drop box at Suffield Police Department (911 Mountain Road) open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How to Dispose of Used Medical Needles & Syringes

First page of the PDF file: Disposal_of_Medications


Flyer with info for recycling paints