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Deborah Cerrato
Jack Henrie (D)
Gregory Simmons
Assistant Director
Carolyn "Katie" Martin
Marie Bourque
Accounts Payable

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
8:00 am - 1:00 pm

83 Mountain Road
Suffield, CT 06078

(860) 668 3851

Important Dates

July 1st:  Start of fiscal year

December 31st:  Audit Report due to State

Powers & Duties


The Director of Finance shall be directly responsible to the Board of Finance for such duties as planning, organization, and direction of accounting, and payroll; assisting in administration of the Town’s Insurance, Employee Benefits and Purchasing Programs: assisting in cash management and in the preparation of the operating and capital budgets; responsible to the Board of Selectmen for such other duties as the Board of Selectmen may assign. The Director of Finance, the First Selectman and the Treasurer shall be in frequent contact and shall at all times coordinate their efforts so as to serve the best interest of the Town of Suffield (Suffield Town Charter).


The Town Treasurer is a salaried official elected for a four year term. The Treasurer's office is responsible for paying bills, receiving revenues, payroll, investments, and borrowings. The office keeps the town's financial records in accordance with Federal, State, and Town regulations.

Finance Documents

The Budget Process

Dec - Jan:  Department/Commission budget requests submitted

Jan - Feb:
First Selectman & Finance Director review budgets

Board of Selectmen approves Town Budget

End of Feb:
FS presents budget to Board of Finance

Mar - Apr:
BOF reviews department budgets on weekly basis; revisions sent back to BOS and Board of Education

End of Mar:
BOS approves revised Town Budget

Apr:  Public Hearing
Town Budget presented to residents for feedback

Early  May:
BOF approves Town Budget

May:  Town Budget Meeting
Residents vote on approved Town Budget